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Spring 2021 Virtual Social Announcement

Dear Gbay Gals, The days are getting longer. The sun is getting warmer. It’s mid-March and Spring is in the air! And Gbay Gals Give is on our minds. Time to nominate our favourite charity for our spring virtual event on May 31st. We may ask you to contact your favourite charity if we are unable to reach them. But we will let you know if we need your help.

  1. The nominated charity must be registered.

  2. The funds raised must stay in North Simcoe.

  3. Remember our previously chosen charities; Huronia Transition Homes and The Guesthouse are ineligible for this nomination.

  4. Please send us your nomination by April 5th.

  5. The Gbay Gals Give committee will then contact your nominated charity. If this charity has not been previously nominated, we will be asking that YOU provide us with the name of the organization, a contact person with an email address. If you are not sure, don’t worry. If it’s a new charity we’ll email you. We will be asking the charity for a “Case for Giving”.

  6. On April 12th we will be sending out Survey Monkey for your vote. We’ll also be sending you an email a week earlier just as a reminder! We will then contact the winning charity after the votes have been counted.

The nomination process is simple. Return the email with the name of the charity you wish to nominate. We’ll take it from there. Our community needs our help. Covid has been a long and painful process for our community and our members. Hopefully the end is in sight. Your Gbay Gals Give Committee

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We are a group of women, grounded in a tradition of giving to our communities.  We are so fortunate to live, work and play in the beautiful area of Georgian Bay, Ontario. We are motivated and committed to giving back and making a difference and want to contribute significantly to keep our communities strong and vibrant. Gbay Gals Give will hold a Social twice a year, where each Gal makes a commitment to donate $200 to a charity chosen by the membership.

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