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We are a group of like-minded people that are so fortunate to live, work and play in the beautiful area of Georgian Bay, Ontario. We are grounded in a tradition of giving to our community and are motivated and committed to giving back and making a difference to keep our communities strong and vibrant. Gbay Gals Give holds a social twice a year where, as part of being a member, each member is obligated to donate $200 at each social to the charity chosen by the members.


We give back to our local community.

The process to give requires little time or effort. Before each scheduled social, members are sent an email with a link to participate in a survey to nominate a charity of their choice, should they choose to do so. A second survey is then sent to the members to vote for a charity from all the charities that were submitted. The charity with the greatest number of votes is the charity chosen for that social. Before the social, an email is sent to members identifying the chosen charity and information on how to donate to the charity. Members  donate their $200 directly to the chosen charity, through the methods the charity has provided or at the social. Each member receives a tax receipt for their donation directly from the chosen charity. Once a charity has been chosen and receives donations, it is not eligible for another nomination for four years. 

Members are obligated to make a minimum one-year commitment to ensure maximum impact for the giving. Each member is required to make a donation even if they are unable to make the social and regardless which charity was selected. Donations must be made in a timely fashion. Each member commits to an annual donation of $400 payable twice per year ($200 each Spring and Fall). All personal and contact information of members is only used for the purposes for which it is collected. 


To get things started the committee voted that the first donation was to the Georgian Bay General Hospital. All subsequent donations are decided by the whole membership. Think of the impact a $200 per member donation can make when combined with a greater membership. If you wish to be a part of this giving back and making a difference to keep our communities strong and vibrant, please contact us by clicking the Join Now button!


Eligible charities for nomination must be local within North Simcoe. Nominations may be organizations with a significant need to operate successfully within our community and perhaps receive little or no government funding. Once the charity is chosen, they are not eligible for consideration again for another four years.

To date, we have raised over $462,000

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