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Meridian Women of Excellence Awards

So this is happening! It takes a village though! Every member should be extremely proud!!

Project HerStory Profile | GBay Gals Give

Philanthropic Group

This is HerStory.

Gbay Gals Give is a gathering of like-minded women who recognize the need to make an impactful difference in our community. Gbay Gals Give holds a Social twice a year, where each Gal makes a commitment to donate $200 to a charity chosen by a vote of the membership, after each Gal has had the chance to nominate her favourite charity. Each charity is asked for a “Case for Giving”, where all members can read the nominations, and learn about the causes of local groups both large and small - which provides a nice opportunity for some community profile. The donation must stay and be used locally.

Since the launch of Gbay Gals Give in the spring of 2018, $134,600 has been donated to our community. Georgian Bay General Hospital received $24,200 at the first social, June 7th, 2018. Hospice Huronia received $36,650 at the second social October 15th, 2018. On May 27th, 2019 Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre received $33,000. At the last social October 21st, 2019 the Huronia Transition Homes received $40,750. These combined donations make a significant impact in the community, and more members are always welcome.

The committee members of this volunteer community group are well known for their own individual philanthropic efforts. The committee is comprised of: Lyn Wolfhard, Kathy Elsdon-Befort, Barb Coxworth, Dr. Sue Lyons, Sherry Middaugh, Michelle Mink and Eve Stewart. Kelly Bald was also an original Committee member but recently stepped down.

When Covid-19 hit in March, the decision was made to cancel the spring social, and there was concern that due to the tough economic times, the members may not be in a position to give. “We were not sure of the impact Covid-19 would make on our members. We keep in close contact with our members by email. Gbay Gals Give currently has two hundred and twenty members. We asked them, and our membership wanted to give. Then we started planning our Fall Virtual Social.

One of our greatest challenges has been the social itself. Being in a room with two hundred women all gathered to celebrate and enjoy friendship and a glass of wine is part of our success. With some expert help, our Virtual Social was born. It is a celebration of our winning charity, updates from our past winners and our appreciation of each and every member’s support,” says the committee.

The committee is particularly proud of the groups ability to covert their in person social to a Virtual Social model this fall. The winning charity, The Guesthouse Shelter will be receiving over $30,000 from Gbay Gals Give this October.

“We are so proud to be part of this amazing group of women whom, in two years with some social time and a glass of wine have had a significant impact on the ongoing needs on our community. We plan on being together and giving for years to come.”

From left to right, Dr. Sue Lyons, Kathy Elsdon-Befort, Barb Coxworth, Michelle Mink, Lyn Wolfhard, Sherry Middaugh, Eve Stewart, Kelly Bald.

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